Fine art Workshops

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Helping you elevate your creativity

Where would we be as photographers if we didn’t have the knowledge of others before us to set the proper foundations? This is an area that we are absolutely delighted to offer: fine art photography workshops. There is a plethora of knowledge out there for learning this technique, or photographing a certain way, but here with Dreamlight Studio, we look to give you more than just the next recipe for doing one of our signature photos in a chateau. We want to help you embrace your inner artist, to help you grow with both the technical knowledge as well as pushing your creativity to areas that may be uncomfortable, but a part of our journey as creators.

The plan for our workshops will involve helping you with a whole photographic production. From the basics of location scouting, using lighting gear proficiently, natural guided posing, and photo finishing. Keep in mind that we will host our full production workshops in a location that may not easily be accessible to the public, such as one of the unique chateaus or glamorous estate. We will guarantee that you will leave with amazing photographs and be ready to embrace your newfound passion as visual artists.

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