About us

“Here we are, the creative team behind your next production”

Ahhh yes, the fun part, learning about us, your visual team! Besides the fact that we are all animal lovers, our history began when we first connected a little over a year ago. Once we realized how similar our interests were in photography, it was decided that we would take on this huge endeavor of producing this recent shoot at glorious chateaus in central France.

Caroline is our heart and creative motivator. As a native of France, her connection to the local culture and people helps keep us all inspired! Not only is her attention to detail immaculate, she knows when to push amazing ideas and when take over the camera herself to really give a unique frame and look while keeping within our aesthetic.

Our Los Angeles photographer Landon is very well traveled and multi-lingual in quite a few languages. His experience as a photographer in weddings and fashion brings an ease of confidence to every production where we know any issues that may come up will be solved with the best solutions due to previous experience. His favorite topic to share is advanced lighting techniques, so be prepared for some creativity on the technical side!

Without the amazingly talented Vladimir there may not have been a team to begin with. What began as a joke about doing a photo production in the heart of France where he’s based, spiraled into an amazing idea and even better execution. Vladimir brings an amazing sense of practicality to everything, why do the same thing in a difficult manner when we could do it far more stress-free. He also brings his touch of creative magic with his crazy ideas. There’s amazing things that can be stated about his work ethic, but you’ll have to see that for yourself!

As you can see, we all bring a little bit of different values to this team to create something absolutely amazing. Without any clashing of egos, there’s a combined artistry that happens when we are together and it’s something we bring to every production. Thank you for checking out our portfolio and we look forward to working with you somewhere around this beautiful Earth.